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Community Administration

Community Director

Deputy Director

Head of Development

Vacant 1D-01


Department Heads

Boone County Sheriff's Office

Kentucky State Police

Florence Police Department

Vacant 2L-01

Communications Department

Florence Fire Department

Civilian Operations

Vacant C-100

Vacant F-100

Vacant Civ-01


Boone County Sheriff's Office Department Administration


Sheriff Colonel

Sheriff Commander

Sheriff Major

Vacant 3C-02

Vacant 3C-03

Vacant 3C-04

Vacant 3C-05


Kentucky State Police Department Administration

Assistant Commissioner


Assistant Chief

Vacant 1K-02

Vacant 1K-03

Vacant 1K-04


Florence Police Department Administration

Assistant Chief of Police

Deputy Chief of Police


Vacant 2L-02

Vacant 2L-03

Vacant 2L-04


Communications Department Administration

Dispatch Deputy Director

Dispatch Operations Director

Operations Commander

Operations Supervisor

Vacant C-101

Vacant C-102

Vacant C-103

Vacant C-104


Florence Fire Department Administration

Deputy Fire Chief

Assistant Fire Chief

District Chief

Battalion Chief

Vacant F-101

Vacant F-102

Vacant F-103

Vacant F-104


Civilian Operations Department Administration

Civilian Deputy Director

Civilian Chief of Staff

Civilian Deputy Chief of Staff

Civilian Secretary of Staff

Vacant Civ-02

Vacant Civ-03

Vacant Civ-04

Vacant Civ-04


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